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Estate Planning - why you should need a plan and how we can help

If you think an estate plan is only needed by the very wealthy, think again. If you have an interest in protecting and providing for your beneficiaries after you’re gone, then having and executing an estate plan can make that happen. Estate plans don’t have to be complicated to be effective. They can greatly simplify setting your affairs in order and ensure that your assets go to the people you want to have them.

 The future won’t take care of itself. Without clear instructions and careful planning your wishes cannot be followed. The court could be the one deciding who will care for your minor children and who will receive your assets after you die.

 Estate and legal documents must be prepared by an attorney, but ultimately the attorney will turn the plans over to you to be implemented. Several actions must be taken to ensure that your estate plan will operate smoothly, whether that means funding a trust or ensuring that beneficiaries are correctly noted on your accounts.

 As your financial planner, we pull all the pieces together. By working closely with your attorney, accountant, and other professionals, we ensure that the plan will do what you have set it up to do. We help you protect your beneficiaries, protect your assets, prepare for and reduce estate taxes, and help reduce the stress, strife and expense that can result from not having a fully executed estate plan. You gain the power to shape the way your affairs will be settled, protecting your heirs, and simplifying the process they will experience.

 Give us a call today and let’s start the conversation to help bring you peace of mind and ensure that your wishes will be followed.