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What is a Fiduciary?

When we tell you that we’re a fiduciary, what does that mean to you and why should you care? By definition, a fiduciary is a person or an organization that is both legally and ethically bound to always act in your best interest.

Some financial advisors are fiduciaries, others are not. Broker-dealers and some financial advisors are regulated by the standard of suitability, that is, making recommendations that are suitable for clients. Not all suitable recommendations are equal; to a greater or lesser extent, these suitable investments may also benefit the advisor or advisor’s employer.

Fiduciary advisors, on the other hand, are subject to the highest standards of care under the law. As a client, your best interest is always the top priority. A fiduciary’s loyalty is undivided, focused entirely on what is best for you, regardless of any possible compensation resulting from a recommendation, and free of any restrictions a company might put on an advisor. Recommendations  provided to you are backed by the most complete and accurate information that can be obtained, so that you are in position to make informed decisions. Full disclosure and transparent discussion of fees allow you to make decisions with clarity.

You’re an individual with unique goals and needs. We’re passionate about the need for holistic planning, recognizing that all aspects of your life affect your financial picture and the details of your plan. As an independent fiduciary, at Homestead Wealth Management we honor a sacred trust as we keep our focus on what is best for you.